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  1. New update with a bunch of screens (work in progress): http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,7703.0.html
  2. Ultimately, your XP gain = Enemy's HP x Difficulty Modifier, so it doesn't matter if you kill the enemy quickly, in 2-3 hits or shots, or take your time. As for Strength: "Strength increases *max* melee damage by 1 per stat point (from -2 to +4), so if a melee weapon’s range is 4-10 and you have STR 8, then your damage range is 4-12, not 6-12 the way it works in most games, including AoD. If your STR is 4, then your damage range is 4-8. Thus STR gives you potential damage you may or may not roll rather than guaranteed +X to whatever you roll. Before you start complaining, high STR unlocks a feat reducing your attack speed with two-handed weapons, so it’s not a dump stat." Using AoD as an example, you can have a heavy fighter who hits once with a two-hander for 11-14 points of damage (power attack with a two-hander) and miss 2-3 out of 5 attacks on average or a fast fighter who'd hit 3 times for 3-6 points of damage (9-18 points of damage per turn) and miss 0-1 out of 5 attacks. Well... imagine fighting Antidas in his palace (the third IG quest); imagine doing nothing for 2 turns to farm XPs. Odds are, by the time you're done farming, half of your team will be dead and the battle will be lost. 1. Can't save in combat. Anyway, the idea - as always - is to keep combat challenging. By the time the fight is over, after 3-4 reloads, you should be happy that your party is still alive somehow, not thinking of doing it again to gain extra 10xp. Not planned.
  3. Vince

    The New World сменит название

    Among other things. I rarely check the refund data (reasons given when people ask for refund) because it's a fairly depressing read. Here is a recent sample:
  4. Vince

    The New World сменит название

    It's not bad but it's more fitting for a No Man's Sky type game where you hop from planet to planet. What do you think about Born Beneath No Sun? It didn't score very high on our forums but we're looking at the results across the board, including the Codex: http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/the-great-renaming-poll-2.123764/ Colony Ship is the winner so far. It's plain and uninspiring but it tells you what the game is about in very clear terms. Such plain and uninspiring titles often worked very well and even made iconic brands (not that making brands is our goal here), like Aliens, for example, or Platoon.
  5. Vince

    The New World сменит название

    The only thing in common is the format (X of Y) as pilgrims and orphans hit very different notes. Ours drew parallel with Mayflower's pilgrims, the puritans who left the old world to practice their own brand of crazy in the new world. They aren't orphans of the old world, they are professional assholes. http://slatestarcodex.com/2016/04/27/book-review-albions-seed/ However, the name got a very mixed reaction, as way many people associate the word pilgrims with travelers to Mecca or as someone said, "I still don't really care for Pilgrims. At least to someone of my generation, they are basically childish because your first, and last, engagement with them is in the context of school pageants and shit from ages 5 to 8. They are like the Easter Bunny or something." We'll still consider it but I doubt we'll go with it.
  6. Pretty much. The biggest mistake we can do is aim for too many features, so I'd rather add them slowly. In Dungeon Rats we added a Charisma-driven party system with XP split between the party members. In The New World we're adding a stealth system and grenades modifying the battlefield's conditions rather than doing direct damage. In the 'Inquisition game' we'll add a magic system and add more complexity to the dialogue system.
  7. I liked Elex a lot (and sandbox games in general, from Daggerfall (one of my all time favorites) and Gothic 2 to Jeff Vogel's Avernum games, but for some reason I've never thought of making one. Thus, I don't really think of what features to 'borrow' there. Plus I look at everything through the prism of what we can actually do (since we're a small team - not a lot). For example, I'd love to have destructible environments from Silent Storm, but we can't and so I don't think too much about it. Loved that engine though. What a marvel. Fantastic animations, the best I've ever seen. Anyway, overall, I'm fairly conservative. Rather than looking for cool, new features I want to focus on 3 things and do them as best as we can, hopefully improving with every game: - tactical TB combat - good dialogues (writing, branches, less restrictive checks - we don't want to let you do anything you want but we don't want it to feel like guesswork either) - interesting quests with multiple solutions and consequences My ambitions go no further. PS. One game that did make me think that it would be cool to make something like this was Battle Brothers. Brilliant concept, great foundation to build on.
  8. It's a good idea, but animations aren't my area of expertise, so I'll leave the decision to Ivan. In general, yes, it would be nice to have different animations for different skill levels corresponding to beginner, skilled, expert.
  9. Well, not exactly on the demo but on the combat system, armor models and animations, the starting town, etc. When the combat system and all the assets are done, we'll package it into a combat demo and release to get some feedback.
  10. We're aiming to release a combat demo by the end of the year. Full demo - 6 months after. The dialogue system will be the same as in AoD. PS. Some female animations: Before anyone asks, many characters have datajacks so shaved sides are fairly common:
  11. We post monthly updates but most of them are about the gameworld. Like the Monks: http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,7551.0.html The animations are still work in progress. We posted them to show what to expect. The "nano-gun" effect is temporary. The animations have already been updated to reduce the recoil (old vs new, side by side for comparison):
  12. It was sold in stores and overall was very well received by the hardcore crowd: http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=95 Even GameSpot and IGN praised it and gave it 8/10, calling it a turn-based tactical treasure: https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/silent-storm-review/1900-6087043/ http://ca.ign.com/articles/2004/01/28/silent-storm-review-2
  13. My point is that we can't hire him to work full time. All we can do is what other small studios are doing - hire him to write a couple of characters or quests, which is nothing but a marketing gimmick. Basically you pay him for the right to use his name and claim that Avellone worked on your game. We do discuss everything but via email, which, in my opinion, is a much better way (it's turn-based!) as it gives you time to think and consider your response. If I come up with a "bright idea", I don't call up a meeting to announce the change of direction. First I ask the person directly affected (like the animator, for example) whether or not it's doable. If it is, I submit my proposal to the rest of the team. If they like it, great. If they don't, we discuss their concerns, trying to address them. If we can't, then the idea is discarded. And attack types. For example, aimed attack: head will set the graze range to 5 (i.e. very low) but increase the critical range by 10. If you have a scoped rifle, it will give you a bonus to your "aimed THC" (but not any other THC) and a further bonus to your critical range. Alternatively, a "one-handed" SMG will have a very high graze range, which will go even higher if you switch to Long Burst, making it nearly impossible to miss at close range.
  14. Our design goals: http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,7120.0.html From another update: As I’ve mentioned earlier, the CSG is a party-based game and the party dynamics will be one of the areas we’ll focus on. There will be 12 potential companions (max party size is 4) filling different roles: psychotic paranoia, racial superiority, religious intolerance (works best when mixed with homicidal tendencies), political idealism, and other delightful personality quirks. In other words, the party members won’t be loyal and obedient slaves but will have their own beliefs, agendas, and personality traits (or in some cases, programming). To give you an idea, here is a quick overview of the top four gunmen who might be persuaded to join you (keep in mind that men of violence are rarely well adjusted individuals): The Gunfighter – an unstable and somewhat paranoid (which is why he’s still alive) gun for hire. He doesn’t care which side he’s fighting for as long as he gets paid. He doesn’t have much patience for diplomacy or long winded conversations, and if he gets a bad feeling he goes for his guns. Being paranoid, he gets bad feelings a lot, so unless you like shooting your way in and out, consider getting someone else. Holding out on him might give him the wrong ideas about the partnership. Other than that he’s a great guy to be around. The Preacher – a man of God dedicated to saving sinners’ immortal souls but showing a callous disregard for their mortal bodies. He’ll join you if you join the Church of the Elect to make sure you deliver what you promised and keep you from having second thoughts. He won’t act against the Church’s interests and won’t tolerate your lack of faith, should you ever display it (he would find it very disturbing). Once he’s in your party, you either do what he says or you kill him, which will displease the Church greatly. You might think it’s a bit harsh but religious fanatics rarely make great traveling companions and joining the Church is more than a cosmetic choice. The Colonel – a former officer of the Protectors of the Mission, makes the best damn fried chicken on the ship. He failed the Mission one time too many and had to switch sides in order to avoid honorable death by firing squad of his peers. The Protectors want him dead more than ever and tried to kill him several times, so he’s well motivated to help you, should you side with the Brotherhood. Then again, he’s equally well motivated to fuck you over if it ends the “misunderstanding” with the Protectors and restores him to his rank and privileges afforded by it. The Wastelander – a rather antisocial mutant who makes a living exploring the damaged areas of the ship and stripping them of anything valuable. Sort of the ‘mountain man’ of the ship. He had a falling out with the Covenant, so now he bears a special hatred for all religious folks, including the Church. Religion is the only topic that can get him all worked up, so don’t take him places where someone might ask if you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior. He will leave you if you join a faction, but if you’re a “burn it to the ground” kinda guy, the Wastelander is your man.